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Improve Security
Reduce Complexity
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Are other businesses following this approach to their applications?

In a recent online survey 2/3's of all respondents said they are either actively pursuing, or are considering hosted applications. According to IDC research, the practice of "outsourcing" computer applications will take over from traditionally managed IT systems

What about issues with security, such as backups, virus protection, theft, etc

With Your I.T. you can be guaranteed reliable and regular back-ups, with total virus scanning for all servers also provided. Your I.T. provides a physically secure, climate controlled data centre, located in downtown Toronto, that includes firewall and intrusion protection, device monitoring and alarming, which is far more secure than what most businesses have if they keep their servers in-house. Our highly qualified technical staff uses the latest techology and procedures to ensure that your data is protected from unauthorized access.

If I move my servers over to Your I.T., won't I lose control of my systems, data, and information?

We are obligated to deliver exactly what you need to run your business without the annoyance of having to manage hardware, software and associated IT infrastructure. Because computer systems today are now more complex than ever, frequent updates, upgrades and maintenance are required to prevent malicious attacks and to ensure computer systems run smoothly. Your Business retains ownership and complete control over data, while regular copies of data can also be provided for a nominal fee.

We already own our software licenses, MS Office, Exchange, Windows Server, etc. Why would I switch to a pay-per-use model?

It is common knowledge that these software licenses often require support and maintenance of many different versions of application software. With Your I.T. you needn't be concerned with renewal or software maintenance fees, and all users can run the latest versions without upgrade fees. If you own current version licenses, we can transfer those to our servers. We will help you dertermine the extent in which hosting applications with Your I.T. will improve your overall business, in comparison to your current IT system.

What business applications can I access using Your I.T.?

With Your I.T., you can be assured that we can deliver virtually any application via a web browser, while ensuring secure authorized access. The presentation of applications and access to data is customized at an end-user level, so each user can only access applications that they are authorized to.

What are the overall benefits of switching to Your I.T. for my business?

You no longer have to be concerned with:

  1. Problems associated with investing in and managing and increasingly complex IT environment.
  2. The capital investment requirements to maintain and upgrade your IT infrastructure in order to stay competitive.
  3. The costs and complexity associated with managing and connecting to a multi-site environment while dealing with remotely connected users.
  4. The costs and effort involved with hiring/maintaining an IT department.

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