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About Hosted Applications

As access to the internet becomes more widespread with increasingly reliable, faster and always on connections the capabilities and growth of hosted applications continues to grow and expand as well. Significant benefits can be realized by utilizing these new capabilities including increased productivity, reduced complexity, greater security and lower costs.

A hosted application, also known as Internet-based application, web-based application and online application are software applications where the software resides on servers that are not located within your office walls. This software is then accessed through the Internet instead of the more traditional software that is installed on either a local server or PC.

Hosted applications allow organizations of all sizes access to applications that are written using advanced software development tools and those that utilize advanced database technology and top of the line servers. The responsibility for the security, backup and server maintenance costs along with the capital investment for hardware and some of the software are the responsibility of Your I.T. thereby freeing up much needed time and resources on the part of your firm.

Key benefits and considerations of Hosted Applications include:

  1. Minimal Risk – limit your risk by accessing and using a system that meets your needs to today but will also grow with you tomorrow when you need it to.
  2. Access – because application software and data is stored on internet accessible servers authorized clients can get at their programs and data anywhere there is internet access
  3. Low Maintenance – with hosted applications the hardware and software is our responsibility and you only need to have and maintain access to the internet. Since there is no software to download or install locally hosted applications can be made instantly available across your entire organization regardless of the whether you have one office or multiple regional and international offices.
  4. Reduced Cost – Hosted Applications eliminates your need to buy, maintain and regularly upgrade expensive servers or software applications. Costs are moved from upfront capital expenditures to more easily managed and cost effective monthly expense payments. Pay only for what you need today.
  5. Enhanced Security – Hosted Applications allow companies of all sizes to enjoy and benefit from the latest and most secure protection and security controls available on the market. Security is a cornerstone of Hosted Applications and the best providers upgrade, enhance and stay on top of the latest capabilities on a regular basis
  6. Improved Support – Since your hosted applications are stored in a centrally managed environment new updates are easily and rapidly installed on a regular basis to benefit your firm. Worry about supporting the applications and server environment to maintain a consistently productive environment is seamlessly handled by Your I.T.

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