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Hosted Applications

Imagine being able to access all your data and applications securely anytime from anywhere using virtually any internet enabled device. Your I.T. Application Hosting services can provide you with this ability and much more. Just point your internet browser to our secure portal site, provide your login credentials and all your applications and data are securely available to you 24 hrs a day as if they were installed on your local computer.

In order to provide you our regularly enhanced and improving capabilities we leverage several different best-in-class technologies to make our systems available. Our partnerships with companies like Microsoft and Citrix enable us to provide firms like yours with true cloud computing on a per user per month basis.

Your data and applications are fully protected and hosted within physically secure, world-class climate controlled data centres locally within Canada. Our services include firewall, intrusion protection, device monitoring and 24/7 alarming. With Your I.T., you are guaranteed reliable and regular back-ups, with total virus scanning for all of your data and email.

Your I.T. application hosting services are reliable, easy to use, seamless, secure and affordable. Enjoy increased operational efficiency, faster time to market, and peace of mind with Your I.T. Hosted Applications.

Hosted Exchange

Exchange is more than just email and with instances of cyber crime, virus attacks and data theft exponentially growing daily you and your firm can no longer rely on simple email to provide the security you need. Exchange provides you and your firm the collaborative tools that your entire enterprise can use to be more productive, efficient and mobile.

With Your I.T. Hosted Exchange you can give your employees the type of enterprise level email and tools necessary to function in today’s ever changing technological world at a fraction of the cost of doing it in house. Hosted exchange allows you to share calendars and contacts, have unlimited domains and aliases, enjoy web and mobile access and much more all with the highest security. Eliminate hardware, software and support costs with our easy monthly per user fees.

Managed Hosting

Your I.T. manages custom solutions to meet the needs of any of our customers. One-size fits all hosting solutions don’t always provide firms like yours with the entirety of solutions they need. Your I.T. can therefore securely host your dedicated servers and eliminate your need to manage and worry about them yourself.

With our vast infrastructure and growth capabilities, we are able to host your dedicated servers for you in our high security, world-class, climate controlled datacentres. This allows you to use our enterprise class firewalls, redundant network, support services and backup infrastructure while maintaining your own hardware and software.

We will start with an initial discovery assessment so that we totally understand your business needs, from infrastructure design to application usage and the service levels required to ensure your firms top-level productivity. We will then manage, upgrade, update and maintain your critical systems, applications and data while providing you with the necessary space in our worry free secured facility.

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